The saying is true - it takes a whole village. We want to give thanks to all of you out there who have supported us in this journey. There's a lot of you, and we are eternally grateful for the words of encouragement, for sharing the milk tea love with friends and family, and for giving your time and talents to help bring this to project to life. Buckle up - there's a lot of people to thank! 


To all our customers - thank you for being there along side us from the beginning. For tasting every iteration, giving incredible feedback, and for believing in the dream. Y'all the real ones. 


Chris Ralston Studios - For the most badass label design we've ever seen. Thank you for your never-ending patience while we tried to articulate the vision, for pulling those ideas out of our head and articulating them so brilliantly on paper. Your creativity knows no bounds. Thanks for smiling through it with us. 


Ashely Muir - For the best palate in the business. Thank you for so graciously providing us with the perfect tasting notes and for introducing us to the nicest people in Austin. Your thoughtfulness and kindness are out of this world. 


Nicole Slevin Studio - For the messiest photoshoot to ever take place for a tea company. Thank you for bringing the vision to life, providing creative guidance, and for really putting in the work to get it right. You are a gem of a human, and we are lucky to have you on our team. 


To my Dad - For always calling them "milks" and placing last minute orders. Thank you for your support and for being employee #1 this summer. Best Dad ever. JK - you're fired. 


Mariah Grover - For being our biggest cheerleader from day 1. Thank you for putting in the hours researching bottle distributors, proofreading everything we do, and for being the first person we call when something exciting happens. 


Chelsea Smith - For helping us understand what taxes are. Wait, what are they again? Thank you for walking our small business through the formation process and for being there for the hundreds of thousands of money and inventory questions that we throw your way. You're definitely a CREDIT to the business. Did we mention your insane amount of patience? Thanks for helping us be audit we can be. 


Ghada/Jacqui/Michael - For going the extra mile to help us understand the brand goals and strategy better. Thank you all for bringing color into our life and onto the bottles and for the lovely vote of confidence. You are a team to behold! 


Meredith Gardner - For being the best back end front end developer :) and spending countless hours trying to put into action what I have in my mind's eye. Thank you for letting me send a barrage of requests your way and always answering them with a "let's try it." 


Anjli Mehta - For so graciously helping us name this dream. Thank you for your impeccable interior design taste, and for impromptu photo shoots at the dreamiest places. 


Anna - For stepping up to the plate at a moment's notice and crushing the production and delivery game. You swooped in at a critical time, and we are forever grateful for your help and positive attitude. You are a gem through and through. Love you sister!