You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. 

INGREDIENTS (the what)

  • Do Kinship Milk Teas contain dairy, sugar, or gluten?
    • NO. YES. NO. We’re dairy and gluten free! But, we do contain a small amount of raw cane sugar. We are also 100% vegan, just in case you were curious. 
  • What is a milk tea? 
    • Ahhh, yes, we were expecting this one. A milk tea is almost like a tea latte, but with way less oat milk. A (coffee) latte is a shot or two of espresso then the cup is filled up with milk. Think the reverse ratios for us - almost the whole bottle is strongly brewed loose leaf tea and then there’s a splash of oat milk added to it and a touch of raw cane sugar. 
  • Where are your teas sourced from? 
    • All of our tea leaves are purchased from Zhi Tea here in Austin. We love supporting local, and they do a fantastic job of sourcing sustainably grown tea that’s certified organic at the source. Three cheers for Zhi Tea! 
  • How much caffeine is in one bottle of Kinship?
    • Each bottle contains a little less than one cup of coffee (60-75 mg). That’s also equivalent to a single shot of espresso for all of you Americano and Cappuccino lovers out there. 

DISTRIBUTION (the where/how)

  • Do you offer wholesale discounts on large orders?
    • We’re honored you’re thinking of us! We sure do. Contact us at kinshipmilktea@gmail.com if you’d like to stock Kinship Milk Tea in your store. We love meeting new friends. 
  • Where can we find Kinship Milk Tea? 
    • Check out our Find Us page for places to pick up a bottle! 
  • Do you deliver? 
    • Why yes! we do You can get it delivered through Farmhouse Delivery, which is bomb.